Rear End Gastropub & Garage opened for business in Etna PA in July 2021. We are a scratch kitchen restaurant housed in an automotive garage that dates back to the 1940s.

During that pre-interstate period of America, people and families often traveled across storied highways such as Route 40, Lincoln Highway or Route 66, encountering regional foods and a variety of cultural influences along the way.

In that spirit, our seasonal menu is a ‘road trip’ that explores some of those mid-western, southern, south-western, and western dishes and techniques. Just like a garage, we tinker with and adjust them to put together something that will make your trip to see us memorable.

Our goal is to provide the best available product and service, at a price point that is reflective of a more casual restaurant. More succinctly, to overdeliver.

Additionally, we utilize our outdoor space to have quarterly events that bring something fun and unique to the Etna/Sharpsburg/Millvale area.

Vision Statement
To have a positive impact on our people and our community.

Mission Statement
To over deliver to our team and guests.

“An ounce of sauce covers a multitude of sin.”
– Anthony Bourdain


Check out our menu for cooking that will curb your cravings.